The testing of new hypotheses often requires the development of new instruments, methods, and standards.  Our investigations are fundamentally rooted in these essential practices.  

Several projects currently underway include:  

  1. We are developing Cavity-Ringdown Spectrometers for shipboard and in-situ (in seawater) measurement of methane and carbon dioxide concentrations and stable isotopes.
  2. We are developing preconcentration systems and autoanalyzers for methane, ethane, propane, butane, and pentane concentration analyses via Gas Chromatography - Flame Ionization Detection.
  3. We are developing portable and user friendly systems for the rapid, continuous, and underway analysis of pCH4 and pCO2 in surface waters.
  4. We are developing culturing techniques for the continuous measurement of dissolved methane and carbon dioxide concentrations and stable isotopes.


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